About Canidan

Canidan is a quality breeding of Cavalier King Charles Spaniels that mentally and physically are according to the breed type with health as the uttermost priority.

I, Maj-Britt, am born in 1080 and live with the dogs and my boyfriend at a farm near Varde in Denmark. Here we enjoy large pastures, fields of grass and forest right outside our door which is great for the dogs, who everyday run free on our walks.
It is important for me that my dogs live a meaningful life and everyday life is filled with walks, training and other sorts of activation.
My dogs are used to the fact that not every day is the same and therefore they are always ready when something new is happening. They are often with me visiting friends and family, in the dog forest meeting other dogs, by the sea with children and kites all over, on long drives and hotel stays abroad and so on and so on.
One of the pleasures with a mentally healthy dog is that he is always ready for just about anything!

I am an educated veterinarian and my finishing paper was about the heart disease of the Cavalier. Now I work at Helle Veterinarians in Varde, where I deal with both small animals and cows.
Aside from my education as a vet I have attended several courses about breeding organized by the Danish Kennel Club – a lot of hours of going to school does that I feel very capable of being a good breeder.

My breeding is my hobby – my dream is to produce physically and mentally healthy cavaliers wth a superb exterior. I work very hard on choosing those breeding animals I think would produce the best offspring, that hopefully can help make sure that this lovely breed has a bright future. All my dogs have ultra sound of heart, check of patella and eyes and are DNA testet for Episodic Falling Syndrome and Curly Coat/Dry Eye Syndrome before they are bred.

I am primarily driven by making very good dogs for myself but of course I am happy to see the puppies that I do not keep, enjoying life to the fullest in loving families around the country.

To have some opportunities in dog breeding it is necessary to work with more than one or two breeding animals at the time, if one wants to see results before one retires. But since my dogs are family dogs and live in the living room like any other pet, there are limits to the number of dogs I can and want to have staying with me. I always want to have time and energy for my dogs – it always has to be on the dogs premises!
This problem is solved with help from stationing families and co-owners. Practically the dog thet do not live with me, lives in families but are coming home to me when they have to be shown or used in breeding. The dogs living in other families come visit quite often so they know me, my place and the other dogs very well. Therefore there is no stress connected to coming home, which of course is of the uttermost importance!

The beginning

The first steps to kennel Canidan where taken in 2004, when I had the opportunity to get the first dog of my own. I thought about many breeds but had no doubt in my mind, that the Cavalier was just the dog for me.
I also had no doubt that the dog had to have a DKK/FCI pedigree. I wanted a black and tan dog with healthy parents which was not very easy to find. I looked many places but had no luck. At one kennel the bitch had to have removed her uterus due to an infection during the pregnancy, another kennel got only bitches and at kennel Damehill’s in Sweeden there where born black and tan bitches but the dogs in the litter where both ruby.

Like most other people looking for a puppy my patience was wearing thin so when Gunilla from Damehill’s asked if I would consider a ruby boy I said yes and 8 weeks later, the 10th of June 2005 I went and picked up Damehill’s Valient Vagabond a.k.a. Canis.
Canis was a great dog but he is no longer among us - we miss him every day!

I hope you will enjoy my homepage and please ask if you have any questions!

Kind regards
Maj-Britt Højer

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