To me it is important to lead this breed on with respect! This means that a cavalier should keep looking like a cavalier - also if it is "just" going to be a family pet, an agility dog, a hunting dog or someting else. Just because you use more time in a mud hole that in a show ring you might as well be beautiful.

It is also my highest priority that the breed is lead on as a healthy dog that makes his family happy for many years.

From time to time I will have puppies in my kennel. My matings will always be carefully planned and the sire will be particularly chosen for the bitch I am mating it to.

A guideline in my breeding is, that I will never do a mating, from which I would not find it  interesting to keep a puppy.

My ambition is to have progress in my breeding - that the puppies are just a bit more beautiful and just a bit more healthy than there parents. This is a very high ambition and not always possible to reach, but the least we as breeders, is to try our very best.

When you buy a puppy out of my kennel you will get some privileges but you will also be met with some demands and expectations. My dogs and their puppies are very dear to me and I wish them nothing but the best. Therefore it is of the uttermost importance to me that me and the puppy buyers have good chemistry and that we trust each other.

Because I am the one spending the first 8 weeks with the puppies, I am also the one knowing them the best and therefore I will be the one deciding which puppy goes to what family. This is best for both the puppy and the buyer

In return you will get a puppy, that is the result of a carefully planned mating - a puppy made with the heart and with the mind. I would love to be able to follow my puppies on their journey through life and I would love to help my puppy buyers and answer all sorts of questions on e-mail, by phone or by ordinary mail and at all hours of the day.

The puppy will grow up in my living room and will be used to every day life, but he will also have experienced a little of the outside world.

If you are interested in a puppy please write or phone me and we will have a chat.


Kind regards


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My breeding is driven by passion and desire - passion for my beloved dogs and desire to lead this wonderful breed on for many many years.