Alle rettigheder til denne hjemmeside tilhører Kennel Canidan - 2012
Til minde om min højt elskede Canis, som forlod os alt for tidligt...

If it should be that I grow weak,
And pain should keep me from my sleep,
Then you must do what must be done,
For this last battle cannot be won. 

You will be sad, I understand;
Don't let your grief then stay your hand.
For this day more than all the rest,
Your love for me must stand the test. 

We've had so many happy years -
What is to come can hold no fears.
You'd not want me to suffer so;
The time has come, so let me go. 

I trust in you my needs to tend 
Please stay with me until the end.
Hold me firm and speak to me
Until my eyes no longer see. 

I know in time that you will see
The kindness that you did for me.
Although my tail its last has waved,
From pain and suffering I've been saved. 

Please do not grieve - it must be you
Who had this painful thing to do.
We've been so close, we two, these years -
Don't let your heart hold back its tears.

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13.05.2005 - 13.12.2012
Opdrætter: Gunilla Gustafsson og Sven-Erik Hotvedt,

2 CC, LP1

Hjerte: Mislyd: 4, prolaps: 2
Knæ: Ingen anmærkninger
Øjne: Fri for PRA, RA og katarakt